How Window Film Is Changing The Face Of Commercial Building Profitability

Energy conservation is on the minds and mouths of everyone these days and rightfully so. The cost of wasting energy is simply too high to pay both environmentally and fiscally. The path is clear, to increase your bottom line as a business owner, conserving energy is key. In a setting like an office building or highrise, conservation is even more important and your commercial investment will make more money doing so–plain and simple. So, if you own or manage an office building here in Colorado, one of the best was to garner more money from your building and at the same time conserve energy is by having window film applied.

How Window Film Works To Conserve Energy In Offices And Highrises

The EPA and countless other environmental agencies have researched energy efficient window film and found, overwhelmingly, it works to conserve vast amounts of energy. The EPA notes that about a third of energy lost is lost through inefficient windows. In terms of heating and cooling dollars for your Colorado office building this means, you are literally losing money right out the window without window tinting. Window film significantly reduces the load on HVAC systems whether by reflection or blocking about 90% of solar heat gain that comes through your office windows. Window film also has powerful insulating properties that keep heated air in during the winter and cooled air in during the summer–lowering bills and making your HVAC more efficient. In fact, it is estimated that you will save about $2.00 per square foot through HVAC efficiency alone! Add to this the fact that window film often times qualifies buildings for additional tax credits (depending on the state city and county in which your business resides in) and you have a winner! Window film has many, many other benefits as well including:

  • Increased tenant comfort leading to reduced tenant complaints
  • Tenant retention due to a better quality, more usable space
  • Rapid return on investmen


For more information on how window film can save your highrise office building money, read the case study below:

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Mike is the operations manager for Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, the largest commercial window film company in the state of Colorado. Mike has been working in the tinting for over 15 years and has installed over a combined 250,000 square feet of window film for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and commercial properties all throughout the Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, and Colorado Springs metro areas. Mike's extensive product knowledge, construction experience, and project management skills make him an expert in his field. In addition to overseeing all installs, Mike also is in charge of sales and customer relations for the Colorado office. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.