Window Film Applications for

Colorado Secured Buildings

Secured buildings of all types are housed throughout the state of Colorado. From police stations to government buildings, military bases, and more, secured buildings require more security and have a set of requirements that differ from other building types. Whether you’re looking to improve security for your government building in Colorado Springs or lower energy costs in your historic military base in Golden, we’ve got you covered.

Safety and Security

safety and security window film colorado secured building military base

Safety and security film is required for most secured buildings across the nation– most secured buildings utilize either bomb blast or ballistic-resistant window film to provide the most coverage. These specialty security window films are engineered to absorb the shockwave from high impact events including gunfire, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, and more. Learn more about bomb blast window film.

UV Blocking

uv blocking window film government building colorado secured

UV radiation is harmful to both building occupants and expensive property valuables. UV rays are the culprit of fading floors, discolored furniture, shortened product life, distorted equipment, and serious health conditions. Defend your Colorado secured building from harmful UV radiation. 

Energy Efficiency

energy efficient window film government building colorado secured

Energy efficiency can be hard to achieve especially in historic government buildings that feature outdated windows. Rather than break-the-budget, window film delivers affordable solutions for your secured building to save. Your employees and tenants will also be more comfortable all year-round. Learn more about energy efficient window film.

Glare Reduction

glare reduction window film colorado secured building

Improve employee productivity and comfort with glare reduction window film. Glare causes serious headaches and squinting– optimize your Colorado secured building with glare reduction window film.

Daylight Redirecting

daylight redirecting window film colorado secured building

Daylight redirecting film can redirect natural sunlight as deep as forty feet into your Colorado secured building. Studies have shown that daylight redirecting film promotes employee productivity, lowers absentee rates, and decreases lighting costs.


privacy window tinting hotel motel colorado

Exterior privacy tinting provides another layer of security which is much needed by Colorado secured buildings. With a multitude of different aesthetics and options, we ensure to optimize security, functionality, and aesthetics with privacy tinting. 

For more information on window film applications for your Colorado secured building, contact us today!