Professional Window Tinting Services for Colorado Springs

A Wide Range of Window Film & Tint for Colorado Springs

For over a decade, Colorado Commercial Window Tinting has been Colorado’s Springs trusted source for professional window tinting services. We work on commercial projects of all shapes and sizes in the Colorado Springs metro area and are always happy to work with both new and returning clients. When you work with us, you’ll achieve the satisfaction of knowing that your window film installation will be achieved in an efficient, timely, and cost-friendly manner.

Window Film Applications for Colorado Springs

Window Film for Colorado Springs Secured and Government Buildings

Colorado Springs is home to many secured buildings, military bases, government buildings, and more. Certain types of properties require heightened security measures—many require security film, including specialty bomb blast and ballistic-resistant window films. These specialty security films provide comprehensive protection against high-impact events like explosions, gunfire, break-ins, burglaries, and high wind speeds. Protect building occupants and interior valuables with security film.

Window Tinting for Colorado Springs Schools & Universities 

With so many schools and universities throughout the Colorado Springs area, it’s vital to consider improved safety measures in addition to optimizing school environments for better learning and productivity. Security film provides peace of mind for many school districts, enabling comprehensive protection from numerous threats. Daylight redirecting film has been proven to increase student test scores, decrease absentee rates, as well as promote better productivity from staff members. Glare reduction film is necessary for school labs and libraries so that your students and teachers can focus on research and project work without being deterred from glare.

Window Tinting for Colorado Springs Museums, Galleries, & Libraries 

Protect costly investments in your museum, gallery, or library with UV-blocking window film. UV radiation permanently damages artifacts, art, books, and other interior valuables. Decorative window film presents boundless opportunities for Colorado Springs residents to better curate their art exhibits, promote upcoming events, increase brand visibility, and much more. Security film is always a great investment in order to defend your property from smash-and-grab robberies and break-ins.

Window Tinting for Colorado Springs Retail & Storefronts

Colorado Springs is known for its abundance of shops and retail centers. Retail owners can protect their merchandise with UV-blocking window tint. Window tinting can block up to 99.9% of UV rays, helping optimize product life and appearance. Don’t let Colorado’s powerful UV rays deteriorate your display products. Decorative film is a great way to attract new customers, promote regional sales, increase brand visualization, and more.

 Window Film for Mass Transit

The mass transit systems throughout the Colorado Springs area can highly benefit from window film applications. Anti-graffiti film provides a sacrificial product that gives mass transit owners the opportunity to significantly save money. Anti-graffiti film protects against further vandalism efforts while concealing any existing scratches, etches, graffiti, and more. Decorative film delivers paid sponsorship opportunities alongside promotional events, advertisements, and much more. These creative marketing films can be installed on any smooth, glass surface. Security film is a great investment that can protect your property, customers, and staff from various imminent threats.

Window Film for Colorado Spring Offices

Improve productivity while maximizing savings in your Colorado Springs office with window film. Energy-efficient window film promotes ultimate energy savings while providing the utmost comfort for your employees and visitors. Glare reduction window film is great for offices that suffer from debilitating glare and lack of shade– optimize productivity while elevating workspace comfort. Daylight redirecting film has been proven to improve productivity, lower absentee rates, as well as lower lighting costs.

Window Film Benefits For Colorado Springs Businesses

Grafitti Protection

Graffiti is an expensive problem for businesses and one that is not easy to eliminate.  Before, there was cutting-edge technology in graffiti shield products. Suitable for graffiti remediation in hard-to-remove places like elevators and bathrooms, this 6mm film acts as a sacrificial film over your building’s metal, mirrored, and glass surface, protecting it from graffiti.  Should the surface be defaced, the film is quickly and cost-effectively removed and replaced, saving you time, money, and loss of reputation.

Bomb Blast Protection

We live in a day and age where would-be attackers are more motivated than ever, and in public buildings, you need the most robust protection possible to protect from potential attacks.  The unparalleled strength of C-bond adhesive, specialty security frames, and security films offer protection against bullets, bombs, and high-velocity flying debris from natural disasters like no other.  This powerful combination keeps the glass in place even after shattering, significantly reducing collateral damage and resisting bullets and bombs. Graffiti is an expensive problem for businesses and is not easy to eliminate. That is before there was the cutting-edge technology of Graffiti Shield product s. Suitable for the remediation of graffiti in hard-to-remove places like elevators and bathrooms, this 6mm film acts as a sacrificial film over your building’s metal, mirrored, and glass surface, protecting it from graffiti.  Should the surface be defaced, the film is quickly and cost-effectively removed and replaced, saving you time, money, and loss of reputation.

Exterior Window Refinishing

The outside of your building says a lot about the businesses within, which is why your building needs to look the part to attract the most lucrative tenants.   Surfaced outdated windows go a long way toward improving the aesthetics of a building and turning old and dated structures into new modern marvels. The best part about refurbishing your windows this way is that you get all the benefits of window film, like UV and glare protection, at a fraction of the cost of complete window replacement.

Bird Strike Prevention

Bird Strikes on glass windows may seem far-fetched, but more than a billion birds die each year because of them, and millions of dollars are lost to shattered windows. These collisions are entirely avoidable with specialty window film made to prevent bird strikes. These revolutionary window films are virtually undetectable to humans but incredibly visible to birds, averting them from colliding.

Glare Reduction

When it comes to commercial buildings, glare is always an issue for tenants.  This is because, especially here in Colorado, where the sun is magnified, it causes myriad of problems.  Things like high utility bills, hot and cold spots, low work productivity and high tenant turnover can all be avoided with the application of Low-e window film on high-rises, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.  Best of all, using window film on any and all of these problems puts money back into your pocket in as little as 2 years.


If you own a commercial building or a walk-in type business in Colorado Springs, branding is everything.  You need to stand out among the mass of stores, restaurants, salons and other offices you are surrounded by in order to compete.  Decorative window film is a great way to dominate the landscape around you and attract more customers or as a way to take your office interiors and business success to the to the next level.  The best part about decorative window film is it is easy applied and removed, so you can refresh your look at any time to keep things new and attractive.

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