Solar Gard: Energy Efficient Commercial Window Tint

Solar Gard is a polyester filming is dyed with coloring agents
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SolarGard Film in Colorado

Solar Gard window tint is designed to improve the energy efficiency of commercial structures. It reduces building energy costs and solar heat gain by improving the insulation and performance of your windows. In addition to considerable energy savings, Solar Gard window tint allows Colorado businesses to experience a wide range of added benefits such as uv protection, glare reduction, privacy, and more.

Creating a Sustainable World

We live in a time in which the world’s resources are depleting at an alarming rate. Some scientists estimate that in about 50-100 years, the world’s fossil fuel supply will have run out completely. It’s imperative that as a society, we need to start making an effort towards creating a more sustainable future. And that’s where Solar Gard comes in. Solar Gard window tint is designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial structures. By switching to Solar Gard, you can decrease the energy usage of your business by up to 30% annually.

Solar Gard Benefits
You need a window film that you can trust to last and will get the job done. That’s why you need Solar Gard window tint. Installing Solar Gard can have many benefits for your business such as:

  • Protection from 99% of uv radiation
  • Reduced heating & cooling costs of up to 30%
  • Improvements in screen viewing comfort
  • Privacy, safety, security & graffiti protection

EPD Certified Window Film
In the year of 2014, Solar Gard received an EPD certification from UL Environment that encompasses forty-one different architectural window films. An EPD (or Environmental Product Declaration) is a way of measuring the impact that a product has during the duration of its entire lifecycle. This certification signifies that UL Environment has reviewed Solar Gard’s products for ISO compliance and has confirmed that Solar Gard’s environmental disclosure is accurate. To learn more about EPD certification, please visit

Colorado’s Solar Gard Installer
Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is the leading source for Solar Gard commercial window tint in the state of Colorado. We are experts in Solar Gard products and can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about Solar Gard films. Call our office today to speak to someone about your upcoming project or get more information.

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