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The Benefit of Decorative Privacy Film & Exterior Privacy Tinting

Decorative privacy film is designed to mimic the appearance of frosted or etched glass providing a timeless look and effective solution for conference rooms, collaborative workspaces, residential bathrooms, locker rooms, and much more. Decorative privacy films can be custom cut and custom printed on to incorporate branding and advertising efforts for Colorado commercial properties.

Exterior privacy tinting provides an affordable, high-performing solution for buildings located within close proximity to each other, offices located on the first or second floor, and condos. Exterior privacy tint is available in many different hues, finishes, and reflectivity, enabling residential and commercial property owners the opportunity to pick the right look for their building.


Endless Privacy Film Designs and Styles Available

With infinite styles, designs, and colors available, homes and businesses across Colorado can really find the right privacy solution for them.

  • Gradient
  • Frosted, etched, and dusted
  • Matte
  • Fabric
  • Prism, square, and dot
  • Stripes and lines
  • Rice paper
  • Casper Cloaking
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Obstruct Unwanted Views into Your Property 

Exterior privacy tinting is available from all the leading manufacturers and typically comes with energy efficiency, UV blocking, and glare reduction benefits. Property owners can choose the right aesthetics and reflectivity for their properties.

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