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Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is one of the largest and highest regarded commercial window tinting contractors. Since the day we opened our doors in 2008, we have installed window film on countless commercial properties all throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins metro areas as well as the high country and Rocky Mountain region.

Our extensive knowledge and years worth of experience has made us industry leaders and given us the ability to serve our clients to the fullest extent, no matter their needs. Whether you need window film for your office, school, or retail location, Colorado Commercial Window Tinting has got you covered. As Colorado’s trusted window film company, we have all solutions you need.


Providing Innovative Architectural Solutions


Our goal is to provide unique, innovative solutions to the architectural needs of business owners. We accomplish this by carefully listening to our clients and working closely with them to find a window film that meets their individual preferences and needs.

Our partnerships with industry leading manufacturers like 3M, Llumar, and Vista, gives us access to the most advanced and reliable commercial window films on the market. We use digital imaging, CAD software, and specialized primer to make sure that all of our installs are precise and our measurements are accurate. When you work with Colorado’s trusted window film contractor, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

The Premier Commercial Window Tinting Contractor in Colorado

Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is one of the largest and highest regarded commercial window tinting contractors in the state of Colorado. Our company has been in business for over ten years and has successfully executed numerous installs ranging vastly in size, location, and specification. No matter your objective, be it enhanced aesthetics, energy efficiency, or security, our team has the knowledge and skill to accomplish the task. We’re here to help you find success in today’s increasingly demanding business world.

Our goal is to provide unique, innovative solutions to the architectural needs of business owners, schools, and government buildings.. We’ve searched all across the country to find the highest quality window tint available on today’s market. By partnering with industry leading manufacturers like C-Bond, Vista, and Llumar, we are able to provide our clients with films that not only perform well but also last for an extensive period of time. When you work with us, you can expect to receive exceptional results and a rapid return on your investment.

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Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.  

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Talk to one of our experts. Just give us a call to get more information or receive an estimate on window tinting installation for your Colorado business.



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    Gain major competitive edge and reduce operating expenses for your office with window tinting. Window tint improves building energy efficiency by filtering the sunlight coming through your windows to reject heat while still allowing for maximum visible light transmission. And it can also dramatically enhance the security and aesthetics of your office. Apply decorative film to conference rooms or lobby areas for privacy, style, or branding. Or add a security window system to your office to create the ultimate defense barrier and prevent intrusion, vandalism, and accidental damage. Window tint allows you to completely transform your office building and take your business to a whole new level.-in defense film.

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    Attract new customers to your store and protect your merchandise with window tinting. Retail outlets, malls, and shopping centers alike benefit from installing window film due to its incredible effectiveness and affordability. With window film, you’ll never have to worry about the items of your store being stolen or damaged. It blocks out 99.9% of uv radiation that can cause fading in clothing, flooring, and fabrics. And it can also protect your building from theft and vandalism. When you work with us, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of window film options for your retail store including many different attractive decorative films, surface films, and security window systems.

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    Protect the privacy, comfort, and safety of your guests and lower the energy costs of your hotel with window tint. Window tinting offers the ideal solution for business owners and managers involved in all avenues of the hospitality industry. It’s affordable, beautiful, and offers a multitude of benefits. Install climate control tint to improve occupant comfort and save money on heating and cooling costs. Or give your building a design makeover by selecting from one of our many decorative options. From ski lodges and bed and breakfasts in the Rockies to high rise buildings in downtown Denver, hotels of all types and sizes benefit from window tint.

  • restaurant_window_filming


    Sweep the competition under the table and maximize your profits with window tinting for your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Window tinting can bring your restaurant to life by adding serious aesthetic appeal to the interior or exterior of your building. We offer many different decorative window film options that are perfect for restaurant signage, window displays, interior decorating and more. And our vandalism protection films can keep the bathrooms and surfaces of your restaurant graffiti free so you’ll never have to worry about replacing scratched mirrors or metal fixtures. Plus, by adding window film to your restaurant, you can also improve the energy efficiency of your building and save tons of money on heating and cooling costs.

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    Schools and Universities:

    Beautiful, affordable, and energy efficient, window tinting offers schools, colleges, and universities a multitude of benefits. Apply decorative window film or wall clings to the front office, hallways, or individual rooms of your building to show off your school pride and create a cool, fun place to learn. Or install a security window system to create a protective barrier for your staff and students. At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we offer a whole range of window tinting options to meet the unique needs of your school, including energy saving films, whiteboard film, anti graffiti film, and more.

  • Colorado_skyscraper_tint

    Arenas, Venues & Stadiums:

    Arenas, venues, and stadiums face unique challenges due to the volume of the business they’re designed to handle. While the crowds are generally good for business, they can also create an issue in terms of safety and energy consumption. With window tinting, you can keep your venue safe and cut down on energy costs. Window tinting is a smart choice for arenas, venues, and stadiums looking to make renovations on a budget. It can be easily installed on the glass surfaces and windows of your building to improve its security and energy efficiency. And decorative films and building wrap can help advertise your events and promote your business.

  • Colorado_church_film


    Create a positive, fun experience for the families and individuals visiting your museum and lower your energy costs with window tinting. Window tinting is a cool and affordable way to add style and personality to your building. It can be used to create custom signage, front door logos, and decorate the interior or exterior of your building. And it also offers museums a way to regulate building security and energy expenses. Versatile, stylish, and incredibly durable, it’s easy to see why so many museums, art galleries, and theaters use window tint as a solution to their architectural needs.

  • Colorado_Security_Tinting

    Secure Buildings:

    If you own or operate a building that requires maximum security, you may want to consider installing a security window system. Security window systems are designed to prevent glass from breaking in the event of intense impact. If the glass does break, the film will hold the individuals shards in place, which can help prevent damage to building interiors and deter intruders. It has the ability to hold up against even the most serious of threats including hammer blows, high speed winds, explosives, and more. Security window tinting is utilized by several financial institutions, detention centers, and military buildings throughout Colorado.

  • Church_Film_Colorado


    Recent years have shown that churches and other places of worship are more frequently becoming targets of public violence. While there may be little that can be done about this sade and unfortunate fact, there is a way for churches to stay prepared for potentially dangerous situations. Keep your church a safe and peaceful place for your congregation with security window tinting. Security window systems offer churches, temples, synagogues, and religious communities a way an affordable way to protect their building and occupants in case of a violent event or random accident. At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we even offer a special type of window film primer called C-Bond that can protect church stained glass windows. With security window window tinting, you can rest assured that your church is safe and well protected twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Government_Tinting_Colorado

    Government Buildings:

    Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is happy to partner with government organizations and offices all throughout the state of Colorado on commercial window tinting projects. We offer a variety of different window films ideal for government buildings such as energy efficient window tinting, security window film, and daylight redirecting window tint. Government buildings often see a quick return on their investment from having their windows tinted because of the improvements in employee productivity and decreases in energy expenses. And the 24/7 security provided by window film is hard to beat. It allows you to achieve peace of mind knowing that the equipment, occupants, and sensitive materials in your government office are safe and sound.

  • Colorado_Mass_Transit_Film

    Mass Transit:

    Keep your buses, light rail, or airport running like a well oiled machine with commercial window tinting. Window tinting offers transit systems security, vandalism protection, and energy efficiency. It can make trips for your passengers more comfortable by ensuring their privacy and safety. And with a surface film, you never have to worry about transit stops or cars being damaged from graffiti. It’s a great way to save on repairs and energy expenses. From high performance security window tint to climate control film, we offer a whole range of window tinting options to meet all the needs of your transit system.


No longer just a combination of polyester film and dye, window tint has evolved greatly over the past decade to become of the most innovative and versatile architectural products in existence. By incorporating modern technology and scientific ingenuity into its physical composition and design, window tinting has the ability to completely transform glass surfaces to make buildings more secure, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Business owners all across the state of Colorado are now starting to realize the full benefits of making this one simple change to their building as they experience the privacy, safety, and monetary benefits that window film has to offer.

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Talk to one of our experts. Just give us a call to get more information or receive an estimate on window tinting installation for your Colorado business.


Energy-Saving Team:

  • Profile Picture Colorado
    “Megan O’Brien has been working with Colorado Commercial Window Tinting for over six years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about window film products and architectural design. Megan holds a LEED certification, which gives her the authority to speak extensively to the energy saving properties and benefits of window tint. She is also highly gifted in the area of graphic design, which gives her the ability to create intriguing HD graphic, logos, and decorative films for our clients.”
    Megan O’Brien
    Project Counselor
  • Profile Picture Colorado
    Blake Parish is the lead technician at Colorado Commercial Window Tinting and is one of the most experienced window film installers in the state. He carries over 18 years of experience of working in the window tinting industry and has worked on numerous different installs all varying in their size and specificity. Our clients often remark on what a joy it is to work with Blake due to his friendly demeanor and positive attitude. Blake’s skill and expertise make him an incredibly valuable asset to our team. Because of his contributions, we are able to complete projects in a precise and timely manner.
    Blake Parish
    Lead Technician
  • Profile Picture Colorado
    Martin Faith is the founder and owner of our company. Martin established Colorado Commercial Window Tinting in the year of 2008. This was approximately one year after he had installed window film for his own home in 2007. After witnessing firsthand the amazing energy saving and fade prevention benefits of the film, he became inspired and wanted to share his discovery with homeowners across the country. Martin started selling window film to clients in the Denver metro area and found great success in the industry. His business expanded rapidly to include the regions of Fort Collins and Colorado Springs as well as many other cities throughout the state. Now, Martin supervises a team of talented window film designers, technicians, and installers and operates the largest commercial window tinting company in the state of Colorado.
    Martin Faith
  • Profile Picture Colorado
    Mike Kinsey has been working with Colorado Commercial Window Tinting since the very beginning when the company opened its doors in 2008. His previous employment involved numerous positions in which he acted as a project manager in the construction industry and well as many other fields. As the Chief Operations Manager, Mike is our product expert and is also responsible for customer relations. If you have a question about window film, you can be absolutely certain that Mike will have the answer! Mike also works diligently to ensure that our clients have positive experience working with our company and often goes above and beyond to meet their needs.
    Mike Kinsey
    Chief Operations Manager


  • 3M™: The Global Leader in Commercial Window Tint Technology

    3M™: The Global Leader in Commercial Window Tint Technology

    For over fifty years, the 3M™ Group has held the title as one of the most widely recognized names in the commercial window tinting industry. They’ve spent over five decades perfecting their products and have built a reputation as one of the most innovative window film manufacturers existing today. 3M™ films are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable, making them the ideal commercial window tint for Colorado’s variable climate and increasingly competitive business market.

    3M™ Sun Control Window Tint
    Go green and save green with 3M™ Sun Control Window Tint. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films are a multi-layer optical film that utilizes nanotechnology to reject up to 97% of infrared light and 60% heat, providing for optimal indoor temperatures and dramatically lower energy costs. These window films are so effective that many business owners tend to see a full payback on their investment in three years or less.

    3M™ Safety & Security Window Film
    Severe storms, heavy objects, and intruders are no match for 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are created using a micro layer construction method. This makes them incredibly strong and gives them the ability to resist both tearing and weather damage. If your windows break due to accident or impact, 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film will hold the glass in place, protecting both your building and occupants.


  • Vista™ Window Tint: Superior Style & Solar Protection

    Vista™ Window Tint: Superior Style & Solar Protection

    The preferred window tint among interior designers and architects, Vista™ window films offer both remarkable beauty and solar protection. Vista™ window tint performs extremely well in Colorado’s climate due to its ability to block out the heat and uv radiation that cause high energy costs and fading in furniture. In addition, Vista’s™ product line is incredibly extensive, giving business owners both variety and freedom.

    Vista™ for UV Protection
    Vista™ window tint protects building interiors, occupants, and furniture from damaging ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is the spectrum of light that’s responsible for causing fading in furniture, flooring, artwork, and fabrics and can also lead to numerous bodily diseases. Vista™ tint has a UV blocking effectiveness of 99.9%, making it one of the most effective options for solar protection on the market.

    Energy Savings with Vista™
    Experience energy savings you never imagined possible. Vista™ window tint provides a reduction in solar heat gain of up to 75%, saving your business tons of money on unnecessary expenses in cooling costs. It can reduce the run time for your air conditioning and extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. Many business owners that install Vista™ window film tend to see a full ROI in three years or less.


  • Graffiti Shield: High Performance Surface Film for Vandalism Protection

    Graffiti Shield: High Performance Surface Film for Vandalism Protection

    Graffiti Shield is a relatively new, yet innovative old company that specializes in the manufacturing of high quality surface films designed for vandalism control and protection. Installing Graffiti Shield’s anti graffiti film allows Colorado businesses to mitigate damage and expenses caused by property crimes. Anti graffiti film can not only protect the surfaces of your building from being damaged by acts of vandalism, but it can also cover up existing graffiti, saving you tons of money on repair and replacement costs.

    Kick Vandalism to the Curb
    Just imagine never having to worry about your property being vandalized ever again! Created by the innovative minds at Graffiti Shield, anti graffiti film is a thick, durable film that’s designed to conceal damage caused by graffiti. It hides everything from scratches and marker to spray paint and acid etching. And it looks exactly like the surface it’s applied on! If the film ever gets tagged or marked in the future, it can be easily removed and replaced so the surface looks completely brand new.

    Colorado’s Graffiti Shield Experts
    Get the protection you need today. Contact Colorado Commercial Window Tinting to have anti-graffiti film installed for your office or commercial building in Colorado. We know everything there is to know about Graffiti Shield products and are the number one commercial window tinting contractor in the state. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or get more information!


  • Drywired® Liquid Nanotint: A Clear Solution for Energy Savings

    Drywired® Liquid Nanotint: A Clear Solution for Energy Savings

    Say goodbye to high energy costs and meet the latest innovation in glass enhancement: Drywired® Liquid Nanotint. Liquid Nanotint offers Colorado business owners a solution for reducing energy consumption without altering building aesthetics. It’s a smart way to save money on heating and cooling costs and improve occupant comfort.

    How Does It Work?
    Liquid Nanotint is a clear, liquid coating that’s designed to boost the insulating power of your windows. It’s applied to the glass surfaces just like paint with the use of an ordinary paint roller. Once it dries, Liquid Nanotint is capable of blocking out 100% of UV rays and up to 95% of infrared heat while maintaining 98% visible light transmission. Because of its liquid form and easy application, Nanotint offers the ideal solution for oddly shaped or hard to reach glass like skylights, textured glass, and historic buildings.

    Install Liquid Nanotint for Your Colorado Business
    Don’t sweat summer heat! Start saving on energy costs today. Call Colorado Commercial Window Tinting to schedule an appointment to have Liquid Nanotint installed for your Colorado office or commercial building.


  • C-Bond: Ballistic Resistant Security Window Systems

    C-Bond: Ballistic Resistant Security Window Systems

    The level of defense provided by C-Bond is unparalleled by any other security window system available on today’s market. It’s so strong that it’s able to withstand even the most destructive forces. Not even bullets can break through C-Bond secured glass upon initial impact. C-Bond is, without a doubt, one of the strongest security window systems available in Colorado.

    What Is C-Bond?
    C-Bond is a liquid primer that’s used to increase the performance of glass and window film products. Once it’s applied to your windows, C-Bond reconfigures the molecular fibers of the glass and alters them to resemble a web-like structure. This makes the glass stronger and more resistant to shattering. When combined with security window film, C-Bond gives windows the ability to withstand extremely high levels of impact.

    Colorado’s Certified C-Bond Dealers
    Looking for someone to handle your C-Bond installation? Colorado Commercial Window Tinting has got you covered. Our company is well-versed in the procedures for installing C-Bond I and C-Bond II and is the only certified C-Bond dealer in the state of Colorado. Call us today to schedule an appointment or get an estimate for your building.


  • HDClear Transforms Kansas City Offices & Commercial Buildings

    HDClear: Stunning High Definition Graphic Window Tint

    Take your business to a whole new level with HDClear custom graphic and architectural window tint. At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we carry an extensive selection of HDClear products including HDClear decorative films, HDClear solar control tint, and HDClear safety and security window films. Whatever your style or needs, we can find the perfect HDClear film to bring your business to life!

    HDClear Custom Decorative Film
    HDClear Decorative Film is created using a unique printing process in which layers of CMYK and white ink are applied to optically clear polyester film. The result is a visually intriguing, vibrant, and long lasting decorative film through which natural light is easily transmitted. HDClear Decorative Films are available in transparent, translucent, and visually opaque options and can be printed with any high definition graphic of your choosing.

    HDSolar Sun Control Window Tint
    HDSolar Sun Control & Energy Reduction Window Films are designed to increase the energy efficiency of commercial structures while also enhancing building appearance and aesthetics. This incredible energy saving window tint wields a infrared rejecting capability of 97% and also blocks out 99% of ultraviolet rays. With HDSolar, you can enjoy a glare free, comfortable, inviting space for your office or commercial building.


  • Solar Gard: Energy Efficient Commercial Window Tint

    Solar Gard: Energy Efficient Commercial Window Tint

    Solar Gard window tint is designed to improve the energy efficiency of commercial structures. It reduces building energy costs and solar heat gain by improving the insulation and performance of your windows. In addition to considerable energy savings, Solar Gard window tint allows Colorado businesses to experience a wide range of added benefits such as uv protection, glare reduction, privacy, and more.

    Creating a Sustainable World
    We live in a time in which the world’s resources are depleting at an alarming rate. Some scientists estimate that in about 50-100 years, the world’s fossil fuel supply will have run out completely. It’s imperative that as a society, we need to start making an effort towards creating a more sustainable future. And that’s where Solar Gard comes in. Solar Gard window tint is designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial structures. By switching to Solar Gard, you can decrease the energy usage of your business by up to 30% annually.

    Colorado’s Solar Gard Installer
    Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is the leading source for Solar Gard commercial window tint in the state of Colorado. We are experts in Solar Gard products and can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about Solar Gard films. Call our office today to speak to someone about your upcoming project or get more information.


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