Window Film Pricing

Commercial Window Film Pricing

At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we know when the time comes for you to make the decision to get window tinting installed on your Colorado Commercial property, one of your main considerations will be and should be–how much will this cost me? You cannot make a smart business decision on ROI without a solid foundation of what you will need to invest in the first place. Below, we have provided a quick guide to take you to the next stage of this very important business decision, and provide you with some typical price ranges. While window tint pricing is fairly straightforward, every project comes with its own set of needs and problems to solve. As such, the first step in getting an accurate idea of price is defining exactly what your needs are.

Window Tint Pricing Depends On Problem Are You Looking To Solve?

Different commercial locations, of course, have different needs. Which film is best for your location’s problem or set of problems, will determine the film that is right for you, which in turn will factor into pricing.

The most common problems potential commercial customers come to us with are:

  • Glare From The Sun (Especially on South or Southwest Facing Windows)Fading Floors, Furniture Or Rugs
  • Fading Floors, Furniture Or Rugs
  • Security Concerns
  • The Building Is Too Hot In The Summer
  • The Building Is Too Hot In The Winter
  • High Utility Bills and HVAC Maintenance
  • High Utility Bills and HVAC Maintenance
  • Not Enough Office Privacy

Window Tint Pricing Depends On Which Film Product You Choose

Once you have established which problem or problems apply to your unique situation, your next step in determining price is deciding which film best solves those issues. At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we carry over 280 different films for residential, commercial and architectural projects. Those films range anywhere from $4 per square foot to $24 per square foot. That is a pretty wide range so here is an idea of what films cost for specific applications that may apply to your commercial building.

Spectrally Selective
Price: $9- $18
Utility: Spectrally Selective films are very light in color but able to block heat transfer and UV rays. These films are great for most of the problems associated with the glare of the sun and energy efficiency without darkening a room, allowing you to benefit from window tint, without sacrificing clarity.

Low E Films
Price: 20-$24 per square foot
Utility: These films solve all the problems associated with the sun including glare, heat transfer and UV rays but also keeps heat inside in the winter by reflecting the heat back into the room. These films are very high-end and use materials such as gold to offer the most protection from the sun and energy efficiency that money can buy and are therefore priced accordingly.

Security Films
Price: $8-16 per square foot
Utility: Security film keeps the glass in place and protected against blunt force on the windows on your commercial properties. This type of film mitigates the impact of “smash and grabs” since, it takes significantly longer to get into a window treated with film, if at all. It also protects people in and around your building from flying glass debris. Should the window be hit with extreme force, the glass will break, but stay in place.

Bullet Resistant Film
Price: $125 per square foot
Utility: Many people ask us about “bulletproof glass”. While there is no such thing as a truly “bulletproof glass” (any glass can be penetrated given enough time and a high enough caliber bullet), we offer a package that includes treatment with C bond adhesive and film which makes glass virtually impenetrable to bullets and bombs.

*Please note: Security films require the addition of specialty framing around each treated window. These frames are normally priced by the linear foot and range from $2-5 per linear foot.

Privacy and Decorative Film
Price: $6-$12
Utility: Decorative or Frosted window films are a great way to add private or semi-private office space to your commercial property. Custom graphics and logos are available at an additional charge which is normally added on at an hourly rate to the base price.

Commercial Window Film Pricing Depends On Your Building’s Structure

The price of a commercial tinting job is influenced by the size or scope and/or the ease or difficulty of the installation. Oddly shaped or hard to reach windows, for example, could require a per window upcharge. If clients require furniture to be removed or blinds taken down then extra charges will also apply. However, if you have a large commercial project, often times, large bulk discounts can apply and save you a fair amount of money.

Window Tint Pricing Depends On The Quality Of Service And Warranty

The best window film companies, with a proven track record, who show up on time, with a professional, trustworthy crew will normally have $2-3 per foot built into their pricing. Although this may appear to be an “extra cost” it actually saves you money because hiring the cheapest contractor could cost your time, cause you frustration and result in a poor quality installation that needs to be repaired or replaced in short order.

Colorado’s Commercial Window Tinting Expert

At Commercial Window Tinting Colorado, all of our pricing is straightforward. This is because, we have dedicated project managers for each job, who will take the time to consult with you on your project to determine your needs and pricing options.

During your free consultation our window film expert will:

  • Listen carefully to your problems and ask questions to be sure they fully understand your commercial properties unique set of problems
  • Use their expertise and knowledge to sort through the hundreds of window film options and come up with the best solution to meet your commercial needs. Often this involves testing the existing glass for levels of heat/ light penetration, UV etc.
  • Fully explain why they chose the particular film selected

It is this dedication to customer care that has carried us through a decade of service to Colorado. When you buy with Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, you buy more than just window film, you buy peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free, on-site, estimate with one of our window film experts and see first-hand the difference experience makes!

Contact us today with questions about window tinting for your commercial property and to schedule a free, on-site estimate.