Hanita Coatings Window Film: An All-Encompassing Solution for Colorado

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Hanita Coatings provide Colorado property owners with exhaustive options for altering and upgrading windows. With over 30 years of experience, Hanita Coatings is a highly esteemed window film manufacturer with global reach and prominence. These high grade commercial window films use an innovative approach to addressing inadequacies in glass, using creativity and science to tackle challenging problems. By combining materials that reject heat and strengthen glass, Hanita Coatings Window Films are able to provide a solution to pressing issues experienced in commercial and industrial environments.

Hanita SolarZone

The primary goal of Hanita SolarZone Window Films is to facilitate long-term sustainability by resolving energy concerns. By decreasing thermal conductivity, SolarZone Window Films help windows stay cool during hot months, preventing heat from being transferred inward. These window films can be applied to both interior and exterior facades, and come in both clear and neutral shades.

  • Slashes energy use by 20% or higher
  • Backed by an excellent manufacturer warranty
  • Significantly expedites cooling times

Hanita SafetyZone

Hanita SafetyZone Window Films are developed on the basis of findings from research conducted on the safety performance of glass in Israel. These window films are generated in conjunction with efforts from Hanita’s partner, Al-Sorag, and deliver promising results when combined with Advanced Security Solutions.

  • Compliant with ISO 9001 quality assurance and international glass safety guidelines
  • Protect schools, hospitals, offices, and more from safety hazards
  • Makes glass more invulnerable to impact and striking
  • Prevent injury from ruptured windows and sharp glass pieces

Hanita Privacy Window Films

In addition to excellent security and solar control window films, Hanita also manufactures a range of superb decorative and privacy laminates. DecoTek films exhibit tremendous elegance while keeping project expenses minimal while matte translucent and opaque films make it easy to control privacy levels.

  • Ideal for adding stylistic elements like logos and numbers
  • Require minimal financial investment for altering aesthetics
  • Versatile and easy to match with any decor or design theme

Install Hanita Coatings for your Colorado Commercial Property

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