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Mirror Restoration for Colorado Commercial Properties

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About Mirror Restoration

Mirrors are definitely an expensive investment for any property type. Commercial properties that feature mirrors are always at risk for vandalism and graffiti. As vandals get more and more creative, mirrors are becoming a main target for etching, scratching, and other intentional damage. Mirrors that are exposed to moisture, typically mirrors in bathrooms, locker rooms, etc., inevitably begin to naturally corrode. Repairing mirrors is very expensive and impractical, making replacement the usual option. Specialty surface film presents a cost-effective, quick solution for restoring commercial mirrors and protecting them from further damage. Mirror Shield acts as a sacrificial layer of protection that conceals damage while protecting against new vandalism efforts.

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Advantages of Mirror Restoration for Colorado Properties

Mirror restoration delivers numerous benefits for Colorado commercial properties, including:

  • Significant repair and replacement savings
  • Presents the best image for guests, customers, and employees
  • Protects against natural corrosion
  • Strong enough to withstand acid etching
  • Conceals existing damage for comprehensive restoration
  • Mimics the look of mirrored surfaces for invisible protection
  • Quick to remove and replace by professionals
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