Graffiti in Colorado

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Films

Colorado is a relatively low crime place to live but just like in any urban setting, commercial building owners struggle with vandalism.  Graffiti from paint, acid or scratches affects millions of businesses each year and costs US commercial property owners billions of dollars in removal costs. Our graffiti prevention shields were designed for the explicit purpose of saving businesses and commercial investors money in graffiti remediation costs and are a valuable solution to any graffiti problem.

elevator refinishing metal shield film colorado

Graffiti Prevention

Graffiti is a problem for nearly every commercial location–large or small. No matter how tight your security, vandals find a way to deface surfaces in and around your property.  Not only is graffiti unsightly, it is also extremely expensive for commercial property owners to remove. An ounce of prevention with protective films can save you thousands of dollars tomorrow.  These films are durable, tough and easy to remove should they be defaced.

elevator refinishing graffiti shield window film colorado

Easy, Inexpensive Graffiti Removal

The anti-graffiti film was designed for the sole purpose of solving issues related to vandalism. This highly durable, adhesive film can be applied to practically any surface and is nearly impossible to detect by the untrained eye. It both covers existing paint, scratching, or etching graffiti and protects against future attacks.  Rather than replacing an entire wall, metal panel or glass window on your commercial investment, you simply replace the overlaying film–saving you time, frustration and money.

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