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The Benefits Of Glare And Fade Reduction

Glare during certain times of the day, especially here in Colorado can be brutal. Shades and curtains just don’t cut it because they don’t address one of the biggest consequences of glare–solar heat gain on glass.  What’s more curtains or blinds block out the gorgeous Colorado views and let in next to no natural light, while most window films still allow in over 80%. If you own a commercial property in Colorado, the only way you will be able to attract high-end tenants is to ensure their work environment is temperature controlled and glare-free–window film will do all that and more and keep your property competitive.

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Stop Glare From Harsh Sunlight

The sun is Colorado is more intense than other cities because of our high altitude location.  It can be incredibly distracting and make working on a computer screen nearly impossible. With glare reduction window film, you greatly increase the visibility of screens on computers, tablets, phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. This can lead to less fatigue and increased productivity.

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Prevent Furnishings From Fading

The main cause of fading furniture is exposure to too much sunlight–aka harmful UV rays. UV protection window film blocks up to 99.9% of the harmful rays of light that lead to faded wood floors, artwork, curtains, upholstery and more. The fact is, there is almost nothing that is impervious to being broken down over time by the sun. However, with UV blocking window film you can extend the life and luster of every furnishing in your commercial building; replacing things less often and keeping them looking newer, longer.

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