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The Benefits Of Blocking UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays are harmful to humans and nearly every furnishing in your commercial buildings.   Which is why an investment in UV blocking window film is an investment in the future of our commercial investment.  It blocks 99.9% of harmful UV, UVA and UVB rays and acts as an SPF 1000. That’s a very good thing here in Colorado especially, where sun control is the key to keeping your commercial investment profitable.

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Protect The Health Of Your Employees And Clients

The sun is not an outdoor issue for humans.  Even when you’re indoors, you are exposed to harmful They cause ailments such as cornea damage, cancer, melanoma, and other harmful diseases. UV protection window film can help guard the well-being of your employees, tenants, and clients by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays without any reduction in natural light.

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Complete Climate Control

When you address the underlying conditions that cause uneven temperatures, namely solar heat gain from UV rays a, you keep, commercial tenants, happy and healthy.  Quality window films do just that–block the harmful rays of the sun and as a result, control the ambient temperature of your commercial building. This rids offices, hotel rooms,  and other commercial spaces of uncomfortable hot and cold spots and keeps vacancy on your property low

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