Ballistics-Resistant Security Window Film For Municipal Buildings In Colorado

To better understand the constant threat that government buildings are each and every day ( especially those from guns and bombs) you need not look further than Google. The query results for phrases like  “threats against government buildings” are myriad and the danger is plain to see. Each reminds us that the threats to our state and federal buildings here in Colorado and across the US are very real and will likely one day be carried out, This essentially means our government employees at risk for injury and death from potential attacks, whether from foreign or homegrown terrorists wielding a gun.   Since these threats have little or nothing to do with government employees personally, keeping them safe ahead of time is essential. One powerful way to accomplish this is with ballistics resistant window film. When installed correctly these seemingly flimsy films are practically bulletproof and a great way to keep government employees safe in the event of a terrorist attack from with guns or even bombs.  The protect lives, property equally well and are a solid way to fight back against those meaning to do us harm.

How Ballistic Resistant Window Film Protects Government Buildings And Employees From Harm

Bullet Resistant window film is the perfect defense to help reduce the risk of glass-related injuries or deaths in the event of a gun attack.  It does more than simply “reinforces” windows. Safety and security window film actually it holds glass together even after the high-velocity impact of a bullet.  The window film works in a number of ways and through different mechanisms. First, the window film is applied to the window’s surface with a high-tech adhesive called C-bond.  This adhesives increases the flexibility of glass and uses nanotechnology to make it ultra-strong. Second, the window film itself acts as a casing so even when it is struck multiple times by bullets, the glass stays attached to the film.  Lastly, the edges of the glass windows or doors are attached with an advanced and powerful framing system that prevents the entire window from collapsing or being thrown from the frame. Should a terrorist ballistics threat actually become real,  a system, like the one above, keeps our Colorado government employees significantly safer than untreated windows or doors because all of these intelligently engineered parts work together to:

  • Reduce risks from impact energy
  • Stop bullets with hyper-tear-resistance
  • Helps prevent glass shards from becoming lethal projectiles
  • Lower your buildings operational downtime after an attack
  • Stop attackers from entering the building for precious seconds

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Additionally, these high-velocity strike systems work just as well against bomb blasts, natural disasters, and accidents like slip and fall–for all-around protection. For more information on bullet-resistant window film for your Colorado government or commercial building, contact us at Colorado Commercial Window Tinting for a free window safety evaluation today!

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