Applications of Commercial Window Tinting


Office Buildings

From downtown Denver skyscrapers to smaller offices and collaborative work spaces in Boulder, office buildings of all types in Colorado can benefit from window tint. It’s a great way to save money on energy costs, add style and improve security in your space. Window tint makes an desirable addition to conference rooms, entrances, and lobby areas and can even be custom printed to market your business.


Retail Stores & Malls

Window tint provides malls and retail stores with a variety of benefits. It protects clothing, leather, and merchandise from fading, helps deter intruders and prevent break-ins, and protects against the elements, keeping your store cozy and comfortable all year long. It’s perfect for everything from pharmacies and grocery stores to malls, clothing stores, and entire shopping centers.


Hotel & Hospitality

Window tint provides hotels with the ultimate solution for protecting guest privacy, comfort, and safety. It prevents guest rooms from becoming too hot or cold, increases HVAC efficiency, and adds privacy to windows, restrooms, and glass wall partitions. It’s great for buildings of all types that cater to the hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, extended stays, and more.



Austin and San Antonio are known for their diverse dining and variety of ethnic cuisine and for this reason diners expect a lot from the restaurants they visit. As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to ensure that your restaurant lives up to your guests expectations and provides them with an enjoyable experience. Window tint can help keep your guests safe, happy, and comfortable and save money on energy.


Schools & Universities

From elementary schools and high schools to colleges, trade schools, and universities, window tint offers benefits for schools of all sizes and grade levels in Austin and San Antonio. Window tint helps schools save money on heating and cooling costs, reduces glare, and keeps students, staff, and teachers safe. It’s an easy and affordable way for schools to make renovations without enduring the hassle of costly structural changes.


Arenas, Venues, & Stadiums

Sports stadiums and concert venues are huge consumers of energy. It costs thousands of dollars each year to operate a sports stadium, a large portion of which is put towards energy consumption. Window tint helps arenas and stadiums save money on energy costs, keep patrons safe and comfortable, as well as add style and aesthetic appeal.


Secured Buildings

From banks and data centers to police stations, detention centers, and prisons, secured buildings of all types in Austin and San Antonio can enjoy the energy saving and security benefits of window tinting. Window tint prevents vandalism and break-ins while also adding insulation and energy efficiency and is available in a variety of styles and decorative finishes.


Mass Transit

Mass transit is the primary means of transportation for many of Austin and San Antonio’s inner city areas and downtown neighborhoods. Many Central Texas residents rely on public transit on a daily basis and it’s the duty of transit managers to keep passengers safe and comfortable. Window tint helps transit systems protect passenger safety, privacy, and comfort, protects against graffiti, and saves money on energy costs.


Government Buildings

Austin and San Antonio are important centers for government and political activity and are home to a variety of both historic and newer government buildings that can benefit from window tinting. Window tint helps government buildings save money on energy costs, refinishes cracked exterior glass surfaces, prevents theft and intrusion, and improve employee productivity. It’s perfect for government offices, police and fire stations, post offices, courthouses, and more.


Museums & Libraries

Window tint provides libraries and museums with a variety of advantages. Window tint helps preserve historical artifacts and antiques by blocking fade causing UV rays, prevents theft and vandalism, and saves money on energy. It’s perfect for adding a touch of color and artistic flare and is available in a wide range of intriguing styles and decorative options including frosted, dichroic, and custom graphic prints.



Window tint is a versatile choice that can be customized to meet the needs of any religious building, including temples, synagogues, cathedrals, mosques, and more. It provides excellent protection for stained glass windows and also adds energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. It’s perfect for creating custom signage, adding privacy, reducing glare, and more.

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