Colorado weather can’t be beaten!  And while the sunshine here puts everyone in a better mood the truth is–it is not as healthy as one might think.  We know this first hand being in the window film biz. We have seen the disastrous effects on everything from wood furnishing to human health over the years. This is from UV rays–a type of radiation made up of different length waves.  

What is UV Radiation and Why is It Harmful

UV radiation from the sun is energy that is constantly hitting the earth. You can’t see these rays but they certainly cause damage nonetheless.  Very small doses are tolerable to human health but too much, too frequently can be deadly.   This type of light is made up of two harmful types of radiation.  Between them, they cause things like sunburn, eye disease, and cancer.  They are UVA and UVB. The longer of the two waves is called UVA and the shorter is UVB.  Both will actually deteriorate nearly anything they hit.  They can even cause changes to humans on the DNA level.  So blocking these invisible agents from coming into your home is so very critical for the health of your family and furnishings.

How Window Film Curbs the Harmful Effects of the Sun

Window film is something called a spectrally selective technology.  Meaning it selects certain rays to keep out and lets in other rays, like harmless visible light. This is the light humans can actually see with their eyes and it is not deadly.  In fact, natural light even has some health benefits. It is the invisible UVA and UVB rays that cause all the issues with skin and eyes and cause things like floors to fade.  Window film is such a spectacular technology because it does the amazing task of filtering all these waves. Yet it still provides us natural visible light.  This means you can enjoy the sun coming into your homes or workplace without having to worry about UV exposure.   

If you want to understand more about UV rays look here at the FDA’s website. For more information on window film benefits and spectrally selective window film–contact us here at Colorado Commercial Window Tinting!

Mike is the operations manager for Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, the largest commercial window film company in the state of Colorado. Mike has been working in the tinting for over 15 years and has installed over a combined 250,000 square feet of window film for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and commercial properties all throughout the Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, and Colorado Springs metro areas. Mike's extensive product knowledge, construction experience, and project management skills make him an expert in his field. In addition to overseeing all installs, Mike also is in charge of sales and customer relations for the Colorado office. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.