Most homeowners don’t think much about window film for blocking UV rays in the winter–it’s usually in the heat of summer we get calls about these types of films. This is because that is when heat control is on the mind. But, while UV blocking window film may be a seasonal consideration–it is actually needed as much in winter as in summer. Find out why below.

Reasons Why You Need UV Blocking Window Film In Winter Too

Is UV blocking window film just a summer convenience? Or is it something that could be utilized in winter? As it turns out–these types of film are needed year-round.

UV Blocking Window Film For the Reflection of the Sun Off Snow

The snow in the winter here in Colorado is gorgeous. It brings to mind visions of comfy clothes and comfort foods. However, did you know that snow reflects and magnifies sunlight? It’s true–this is why you can go snow blind or get a sunburn when out in the snow on an overcast day. This is why window film used to block UV rays in winter is just as important as it is in the summer. It curbs the reflection of UV rays off the snow and into your home and protects your skin and eyes.

UV Blocking Window Film to Stop Solar Heat Gain on Glass

During the winter it seems like a little solar heat gain from UV rays coming through your Colorado home’s window would be a good thing right? Actually no. Your home’s HVAC systems are engineered to use the ambient air temperature near the thermometer of your home (not the air near your windows) to regulate the temperatures. Therefore, it cannot account for, or adjust to, the massive amount of radiant heat coming off of untreated windows. Therefore the areas by your windows get as uncomfortably hot as it is in summer without UV blocking window film.

UV Blocking Window Film to Curb Harmful Radiation in Winter

Any time of the year, in hot times and cold, harmful destructive UV rays are beaming into your home. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cloudy–the effects of these rays remain the same. They destroy your home’s furniture, rugs, curtains, and floors. More concerning–they cause eye and skin illnesses, headaches, and even certain types of cancer. This means even in winter, you need the protection that films design to block provide: an SPF 1000 and blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

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