Protect Your Religious Facility With Safety And Security Films

In a day and age when increased security is on a lot of people’s minds, especially for our religious institutions, using the powerful tool of window film security for your church, synagogue or temple, could mean the difference between remaining safe during an attack or the worst case scenario. The most vulnerable part of any building is its glass windows and doors, even with tempered glass, they are easily penetrated to allow a would-be attacker unchecked access. Some congregations have started hiring armed guards, however, this strategy still leaves many potential points of entry exposed. The best defense of your religious facility’s multiple exposed entry points is safety and security film for your church’s glass windows and doors.

High-Tech Window Film Safety Solutions From Colorado Commercial Window Tinting

At Colorado Commercial Window Tinting, we specialize in safety and security window films solutions. Backed by the technology from 3M and Eastman Chemical, we offer films that will hinder an attacker from gaining entry through the window or door. This means, even if an attacker shoots through the glass, your congregation will precious extra minutes to escape and/or hide. Essentially, safety and security window film buys time for first responders get there and neutralize the threat. While there is no such thing as “bulletproof” or “bombproof” glass, safety and security films, especially those treated with C-Bond, are as close as you can come. They are bullet resistant and require many, many, shots or blows to fully penetrate, as pictured in this video.

C-Bond For The Strongest Window Film Glass Protection

When looking for the highest level of security films for your religious facility, you should know that films treated with C-Bond adhesive offer the best level of safety available– even resistance to the incredible impact of a bomb blast. C-bond is specially engineered on a molecular level to make glass more flexible and keep it in its place after an explosion or high-velocity strike. This makes it very difficult penetrate even with ballistics or bombs. C-bond in combination with bomb blast window films, makes for the strongest protection for your church, synagogue or mosque.

Bomb Blast Film for the Ultimate Protection

Bomb Blast window films take the concept of security to the next level. These thicker films share a lot of the same properties as safety and security films, but they are specifically designed to prevent flying glass. Many times In the case of an explosion, flying glass is what causes a significant amount of the injuries to humans. These films, and their special attachment systems ensure that shattered glass remains in or near the window after an explosion.

Contact Colorado Commercial Window Tinting To Aid in Any Security Audit

Whether your project includes an entire campus or just a single chapel, when looking for the best in security film installation, you should contact Colorado Commercial Window Tinting. We will help you learn more about how our Safety and Security window films work and how they can provide your organization with peace of mind. We will chat with you over the phone to educate you about your options, and schedule a site visit to review the project specifics.

Don’t allow your congregation to be the next victim of a potentially preventable attack, contact Colorado Commercial Window Tinting for a free, onsite, estimate for security window film on your church, temple or synagogue today!



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