Having a furniture store comes with a lot of maintenance. One of the most significant ways to attract customers is with a storefront display. This is especially pertinent for places in high foot traffic areas where the first impression draws guests in. The only issue with storefront displays is exposing your expensive inventory to sunlight. UV rays cause serious fading and discoloration that result in even higher repair and replacement costs. UV blocking window film provides the only solution for maintaining your storefront displays in great condition here in Colorado.

UV Blocking Window Film Benefits for Your Colorado Furniture Store

UV blocking window film blocks out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays in addition to solar heat gain. UV radiation and solar heat gain are responsible for ruining expensive furniture. The repair and replacement costs for upholstery, leather, and other common furniture materials are significantly high. Don’t sacrifice your incredible furniture storefront display every few months– UV blocking window film keeps everything within direct sunlight in its original condition. UV protection also lowers the risk of serious health conditions like cataracts, immune suppression, skin cancer, premature aging, and more. In addition to UV protection, energy efficiency and glare reduction are wonderful added benefits that can help you save money, improve employee productivity, as well as optimize buyer experience.

UV Blocking Window Film Installation Process for Colorado Furniture Stores

Colorado Commercial Window Tinting has partnered with a wide array of different furniture stores as well as storefronts in order to keep their inventory fresh and their window displays protected. We offer timely installations around your schedule so you won’t have to experience any operational downtime that would impact your business. Enjoy the benefits immediately after our premium installation.

For more information regarding UV blocking window film for your Colorado furniture store, please contact us!