When it comes to energy efficiency solutions, there are numerous options out there. Among all these options, window film is a popular choice since it is cost-effective and provides a quicker ROI. Rather than taking on a large renovation project that requires window replacement, window film is a much simpler installation process. Since window film can provide a full return on investment in three years or less in energy savings alone, this is a great way for homeowners and business owners to save money. Window film can be just as effective as window replacement in terms of energy savings. So, how does window film work?

How Window Film Is Installed in Colorado Properties

Did you know that the Department of Energy estimates that about 30% of your cooling and heating efforts go right out the window? This applies to glass cutouts in doors and any other glass elements in your home or business. Window film can be installed on any glass surface that’s leading to poor insulation of your property. A window film contractor can either cut the window film on-site after taking accurate measurements or have the window film pre-cut prior to arrival. Most window film contractors prefer cutting your window film on-site in order to eliminate any miscommunications and wasted resources. Your windows should be cleaned with a straight razor in order to remove any dirt that’s built up over the years. After spraying a mixture of soap and water to your windows, window film is applied. A squeegee tool is used to get all air bubbles out.

How Energy Efficient Window Film Works

There are four categories that window film can typically fall into. Some window film manufacturers have created proprietary materials to enhance effectiveness, but generally, these are the materials that are found in your window film:

Nano-Particle Window Film

Nano-particle window film is popularly used in products designed to keep nighttime views uncompromised. This type of window film provides higher visible light transmissions but is in the moderate range when compared to other types. In terms of solar rejection, the properties are pretty moderate but offer better durability when compared to metalized films.

Metalized Window Film

Metal nano-technology is incorporated into metalized window film to deliver high solar rejection properties. While metalized films may have lower amounts of visible light transmission and lower durability, it does deliver in terms of energy efficiency. This is a great option for homeowners and business owners looking for better energy efficiency and don’t mind changing the appearance of their windows.

Exterior Spectrally Selective Multilayer Window Film

Most window film options are designed to be installed on the interior of windows. However, there are some exterior glass products that can provide a higher rate of solar heat rejection. This is a great option for those seeking the effectiveness of metalized film but do care about the appearance of their windows. With high visible light transmissions, exterior spectrally selective multilayer window film provides moderate durability and higher price.

Spectrally Selective Multilayer Film

Multiple layers of spectrally selective window film are combined to provide high energy savings without impacting visible light transmissions or the appearance of your window. The higher durability and longer lifespan provide a premium product when compared to nano-particle film and metalized film.

The Technology Behind Energy Efficient Window Film

Window film works in two-fold by rejecting solar heat gain as well as absorbing residual heat as it hits the window. The simultaneous properties make energy-saving benefits possible. Energy-efficient window film also has a layer of UV protection built into the exterior for a comprehensive product.

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