EnerLogic®: Low-E Window Tint with Major Energy Saving Benefits

Enerlogic Window Tint Colorado

While there are many energy saving window tinting products out there, there are only a handful that work during all four seasons of the year in Colorado. One of these select few products is EnerLogic Low-E Window Tint. EnerLogic Window Film is designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings year round. Utilizing low-e technology, EnerLogic films improve building insulation and regulate heat transfer, resulting in an average of 5-15% savings on annual energy costs.

How EnerLogic® Works

EnerLogic® window tint is created with a low-emissivity (or low-e) coating that regulates heat transfer and blocks out infrared and uv light. By selectively allowing only certain types of light to pass through the film, EnerLogic® stabilizes and optimizes indoor temperatures for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. It also extends the life of HVAC equipment by decreasing run time, reduces glare, and eliminates hot and cold spots without sacrificing views and window clarity.

A Year Round Solution
Improve the insulation of your building and save money year round with EnerLogic® commercial window film. EnerLogic® low-e window films are perfect for Colorado’s dual climate because they perform well in all types of weather and temperatures. During the hotter months of the year, EnerLogic® films reject heat-causing infrared to keep your building cool and comfortable. And when temps start to drop later in the year, EnerLogic® will trap radiant heat inside your building, keeping the cold out.

Get the Breakdown on Energy Savings
EnerLogic® can save you ton of money on operating costs for your business by making your building more energy efficient and reducing resource consumption. With EnerLogic®, you can expect to experience significant energy savings such as:

  • 5-15% total savings in electricity costs
  • A full ROI in 3-5 years or less
  • 15-30% savings on heating costs
  • 10-20% savings on cooling costs

Colorado’s Trusted EnerLogic® Installer
Colorado Commercial Window Tinting is your source for EnerLogic commercial window tint in Colorado. For years, we’ve held the name as one of the most trusted window film contractors in the nation. Call us today to receive a quote on our services and find out how much you could save.

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