Security Window Film For Your Colorado Business

In Colorado and around the world for that matter, businesses and office buildings are starting to realize that window film is an incredibly powerful tool with which to increase one’s bottom line. Security film is one of these films making waves in the industry and becoming the standard for windows on commercial properties for more reasons than just keeping people safe. As it turns out, some security window films play a number of roles in providing a slew of benefits for business and commercial property owners. Read on to see the unexpected things security window film could mean to you.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Install Security Window Film

Security Window Film For Protection From Theft

Of course, security window film keeps your business safe as the name implies. Although Colorado is a fairly safe state, crime happens all the time here and when/ if it happens to you at your business, it could mean financial ruin. This is why having security film installed on your property’s windows is key to protecting your assets both physical and intellectual. In fact, it really is crucial to ensure future business success. It is true that no window film or other product can stop an extremely motivated criminal from eventually getting through your windows. However, security window film will impede them for an extended amount of time, buying time until authorities get there to help.

Security Window Film For Protection From Liability

Your place of business in many ways is a liability when or if employees or customers get hurt there. In fact, a large source of injury claims that go to litigation is from injuries due to glass windows. It may seem far-fetched but the fact is, if someone gets hurt by shattered glass in your office or store and could have been avoided by safety glass— they could sue you and win huge monetary settlements. This type of risk puts your financial future as a company in danger and ultimately, could shut you down. Security film keeps the glass in place after impact, meaning, in the event of an accidental fall or strike to a window, nobody will likely get hurt.

Security Window Film For Protection From UV Rays

Some security window films come with UV blocking properties, on top of the cutting edge security features. Not only will this keep your employees and tenants from massive amounts of UV exposure from the high altitude Colorado sun—but you too! The National Cancer Society endorses UV protecting window film as part of an overall cancer-prevention health regime, so this protection could be extremely useful in keep you cancer free.

See the power of security window film for crime protection in this video!

3 Reasons To Install 3m security film colorado

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